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Lotte Thor Høgsberg, Chief Communication & Press Officer, and Thomas Eriksson, CEO & Founder, are sitting in the office of SASHA in Odense, Denmark

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I just hope that together we can restore security on the internet for everyone - no matter who you are.

Thomas Eriksson

CEO & Founder
THOMAS@SASHA.EU+45 4119 4505
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I have experienced severe cases of digital abuse and believe it is time we put an end to this with disruptive technology.
A portrait of Lotte Thor Høgsberg, Chief Communication & Press Officer at SASHA

Lotte Thor Høgsberg

Chief Communication & Press Officer
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A portrait of Matthew Helmi,
Tech Lead, at SASHA
In the current unprecedented wave of AI-powered technologies, I aim to find reliable solutions that improve our health and safety in both the physical and digital world.

Matthew Helmi

Tech Lead
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