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Old norms, new context

The physical world is built upon pillars of social norms that help us dictate right from wrong. We all know the rules, and those who choose not to follow them are met with consequences. Why should it be any different online? We empower you to claim justice for those who suffer image abuse. Each time justice is found in a case of image abuse, we are one step closer to creating a safer online space.

How it started

A personal interference with image abuse inspired the idea and made us aware of the challenges survivors are met with, when trying to take down an image or take legal action. It was hard to get the image taken down (and keep it down) and there were no consequences for the perpetrator. The core problem? Lack of evidence.

Who is SASHA?

SASHA (short for Safe Share) is a Danish tech startup company that was founded in 2020 to help with the burden of evidence in image abuse cases. We started investigating how we could provide evidence to the survivors, and what better way than trying to put it directly inside the image? Now almost three years later, we are set on our mission and ultimately, we want to help reduce the amount of image abuse and online identity theft altogether. Enough is enough!

Great ideas need great people

SASHA is designed to protect, but destined to create justice for people all over the world. We want to contribute to an online community where digital rights are respected and user privacy is protected. Each time justice is found in a case of image abuse, we are one step closer to a safer online space.
Thomas Eriksson, CEO & founder.

Thomas Eriksson

CEO & Founder

LinkedInthomas@sasha.eu+45 41194505

Lotte Thor Høgsberg

Chief Communication & Press Officer

LinkedInLottethor@sasha.eu+45 26151815
Maziar Zamani, Engineer.

Maziar Zamani

Chief Technology Officer

Fuze invest, Investors in SASHA.

Fuse invest

TRUST42, Investors in SASHA.


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