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Secure your photos from unauthorized sharing.
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Sharing photos online is a part of our everyday life. Protecting them is a different story.

Images misused online across devices, sites and platforms every day.
Better Studio (2023)
of people reported knowing someone who has experienced image abuse. (This number is likely higher)
Internet Watch Foundation (2023)
of people stated their nude or sexual images were shared without consent.
Powell, A., Scott, A. J., Flynn, A. & Henry, N. (2020)

A groundbreaking solution that is reshaping online image protection.

We call it SASHA, short for ‘Safe Share’

Discover and track misuse of your photos while maintaining your privacy.


An image for 'Protect' showing the SASHA technology
  • Protecting photos with high privacy
  • Invisible user, image, and sharing DNA
  • Maintaining image quality


An image for 'Detect' showing a red circle with a exclamation mark.
  • Alert in case of misuse
  • Identifying the perpetrator
  • Tech remains detectable despite edits


An image for 'Effect' showing a evidence report.
  • Use invisible DNA as evidence
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Preventing unauthorized photo use

How will SASHA be available?

SASHA logo (shield)

API to partner platforms

Integrating SASHA’s API on partner platforms will provide users with protection against unauthorized sharing and image abuse. Upon upload, the platform registers SASHA technology within the photo, detecting all sharing rights.

No rights, no sharing.

Stand alone products

When you share photos with our upcoming stand-alone products, each image will be embedded with SASHA technology on pixel level. This will ensure you have the necessary evidence if your photos are shared without your consent.

We invite you to test our tech during the development phase.

How it all started

Understanding the root cause of problems is key to finding lasting solutions.

SASHA's journey began with a deeply personal and eye-opening experience that revealed the urgent need for stronger digital protection.

A photograph of Thomas Eriksson, CEO and Founder at SASHA

Thomas Eriksson

CEO & Founder
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Our vision is to ensure privacy for all and end image abuse.

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