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Protecting images,
memories and lives

Secure digital rights for all individuals by shifting the burden of proof
in image abuse and identity theft cases

Image abuse is a societal problem


Stolen images are shared online every day

BetterStudio (2023)

Reported victims of image abuse

Flynn, Cama, Powell & Scott (2023)

Fake accounts have been removed from Facebook between 2020 and Q1 of 2023

S. Dixon (2023)

Revenge porn sites worldwide

Davidson, Livingstone, Jenkins et al. (2019)

Introducing SASHA

Why safe sharing is important with a ground breaking solution
Get to know our impact and technology


Online image abuse is a huge issue.
It can happen to everyone. Unfortunately, there is currently a lack of consequences or accountability for such misconduct. We offer a tool that empowers individuals to hold others accountable for sharing photos without consent and engaging in inappropriate online behaviour.


State of the art software.
Combining two state of the art approaches that allow us to link any photos to an owner and a receiver. This evidence enables victims of image abuse to prove ownership and identify who has shared the image without their consent. Giving them a groundbreaking opportunity to take action.


With powerful technology comes great responsibility.
We've initiated a human impact assessment to ensure optimal deployment of SASHA worldwide. We firmly believe that social responsibility extends to the digital realm.

Our Goals

It begins with shifting
the burden of proof

Problem #1 Prove ownership
If your image is shared/leaked without consent, you need to prove that it is your image to ensure a fast takedown.

This has been one of the main goals for SASHA to solve. We are proud to say we have achieved it.
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Encourage accountability

Problem #2 Prove who leaked it
One thing is to stop image abuse; another issue is to be able to hold people accountable for their behavior and create an incentive not to do it at all.

We are proud to say that our patent pending technology can help identify the original leaker of images sent via SASHA.

Our end goals

Ensure automatic ownership
on device level
Prevent image abuse on social media platforms upon upload
We are pro-privacy. You own the rights to the image, so it is only fair that you decide who sees the content. Therefore, we do not save your images and we do not know the content, as our technology only needs a fingerprint of the image to recognize it again.
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