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Safeguard Digital Content and Future-Proof Your Brand
In an era where image abuse and identity theft are on the rise, SASHA introduces a groundbreaking solution to protect digital images and online identities. Our advanced technology is not just a tool – it's a movement towards a safer digital environment, where user rights and privacy are paramount.

Why Partner with SASHA?

Advanced Image Protection Technology: By integrating SASHA’s API, you can offer your users unparalleled protection against unauthorized sharing and abuse of images. Our unique solution embeds and verifies the ownership of digital images, even after they've been manipulated, ensuring user rights and preventing abuse. Importantly, this all happens without us ever seeing the images, ensuring 100% GDPR compliance and user privacy.

Enhance User Trust and Security: At a time when concerns about privacy and data security have never been higher, partnering with SASHA demonstrates that you take these concerns seriously. Implementing SASHA’s technology on your platform shows a commitment to protecting and prioritizing user safety, all while adhering to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Promote Responsible Sharing: Partnering with SASHA promotes a culture of responsible sharing and usage of digital images. Implementing our technology contributes to creating a safer digital environment where users feel secure in sharing their images, knowing their rights are protected, and their privacy is respected.

Innovative Partnership with Future Technology: Partnering with SASHA places your organization at the forefront of addressing one of the digital era's fastest-growing issues. You position your business as a leader in technological innovation, social responsibility, and privacy-conscious practices.

Be Part of the Solution

We invite tech giants, social media platforms, businesses with extensive image content, and stock image providers to become partners with SASHA. Together, we can take significant steps toward eliminating image abuse and strengthening digital justice on a global scale, all within a framework that respects user privacy and complies with GDPR.

To explore partnership opportunities and learn more about how SASHA can be integrated into your platform or product, we invite you to reach out our CEO Thomas Eriksson or Chief Communication & Press Officer Lotte Thor Høgsberg.

Let’s build a safer, privacy-respecting digital future together.

Want to talk?

SASHA is ready and eager to engage in meaningful discussions about potential partnerships that align with our common goal.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with SASHA, we invite you to reach out to our CEO, Thomas Eriksson.
As the leader of our organization, Thomas can provide you with more information about our initiatives, discuss how our organizations can complement each other's efforts, and explore the possibilities of working together towards our shared mission.

Together, let's create a safer digital landscape and empower individuals to reclaim control over their images.
Thomas Eriksson, CEO & founder. Contact for partnership questions.

Thomas Eriksson

CEO & Founder

LinkedInthomas@sasha.eu+45 41194505
Cecilie Sonne Christiansen, Communication and Relation. Contact for partnership questions.

Lotte Thor Høgsberg

Chief Communication & Press Officer

LinkedInlottethor@sasha.eu+45 26151815