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April 29, 2024

Danish Invention Redefines Image Protection with Groundbreaking 'Handshake' Technology That Enables Prevention

Acting as a digital intermediary, Sasha’s handshake technology has the potential to safeguard photos and civil copyrights across platforms, ensuring that images cannot be stolen from one digital platform and used elsewhere without consequence.

Sasha's core technology combines two cutting-edge approaches, enabling the seamless linkage of any image to its rightful owner as it propagates through the internet from peer-to-peer, or platform to platform. This revolutionary capability holds image abusers accountable, setting a new standard for protecting civil copyrights in the digital age.

Sasha's CTO, Maziar Zamani, explains:

"Sasha's core technology represents a quantum leap in safeguarding civil copyrights. Its proactive approach requires a fundamental shift in our approach to image protection, but the potential benefits are immense."

A handshake between platforms

Designed for scalability and dynamic adoption, Sasha's technology is versatile, capable of addressing various use cases across industries, including but not limited to social media platforms like Meta, messaging apps like Snapchat, and search engines like Google. Similar to how companies like SWIFT revolutionized the banking sector, Sasha can serve as an ecosystem that facilitates seamless communication between platforms, allowing them to protect users without compromising their privacy.

Sasha’s CEO and Founder, Thomas Eriksson, who is getting ready to talk to the tech companies:

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and the team's enormous effort. The mission to stop misuse of images once and for all is resonating with everyone I have met along the way. So, my hope is that they will all be blown away because not only can we protect photos without seeing or saving them, the technology can protect both private and public photos - even if they are manipulated.”

By empowering large platforms to identify ownership and terms of use for uploaded photos, Sasha's technology mitigates a range of issues, including non-consensual sharing of intimate images, creation of fake accounts, fraud, and manipulation of public opinion through out-of-context imagery.

The Danish startup invites major platforms to join forces with this proactive approach that not only prevents image abuse but also upholds user privacy and GDPR compliance, blocking the non-consensual sharing of images at the source.

About Sasha ApS

Sasha ApS is a Danish startup working on a core technology that has the potential to stop online image abuse once and for all, by protecting civil copyrights and holding perpetrators accountable.

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Thomas Eriksson, Founder & CEO, during his keynote at Sasha's event 'Revealing the Potential' on April 5, 2024